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The Value of Vacation

The Lewis Family knows that the true value of travel extends far beyond the places they visit.

With today’s travelers looking for certainty in an increasingly unpredictable world, Exclusive Resorts’ privatized Membership model — which provides access to more than 400+ luxury residences and rare experiences in 75+ coveted destinations — is more appealing than ever. Members since 2021, David and Tiffanie Lewis share their reasons for joining The Club.

How did you first learn of The Club?

Through two other Member friends. We didn’t want a second vacation home that we would feel anchored to. We wanted to travel the world, and our friends said we must join Exclusive Resorts.

How do you value the Membership investment?

Being a CEO and entrepreneur, I crunch numbers, so when I considered joining, the value was something I took seriously. I did the math against even just the down payment of a vacation home — and quickly realized the value. It’s a wonderful way to stay in multi-million-dollar homes, in beautiful destinations, with five-star concierge service. These are homes and not hotels.

As an active family, what are some standout experiences?

One of our most recent trips was to Costa Rica with another favorite couple of ours. The Club residences are in a stunning location, with so much to do every day. And our trip to Telluride was fantastic. I have wonderful memories of us hiking, fishing, and paddle boarding in a hail storm, all of which were unforgettable.

Next Club vacation?

Lake Tahoe, California