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Set Sail!

Enjoy private yacht and luxury boat experiences — from Alaska to the Caribbean to Antarctica — here are some of our favorite luxury seafaring adventures around the world.

Want to see (or sea) the world from another perspective? We offer sea voyages for every adventure level — here are Club favorite luxury getaways to get you excited.

Go Ahead, Sea The World

Combine the luxury of a private yacht with an extravagant suite and you’ve got The World. With 165 residences, it's the largest luxury residential cruise ship on the planet — yet it still manages to feel intimate. The Club’s two-bedroom residences are complete with state-of-the-art furnishings, gourmet kitchens, and comfortable living spaces. Like a five-star hotel on water, onboard activities include tennis, a spa, wellness offerings, culinary experiences, and rare journeys and expeditions at every stop. The ship circumnavigates the globe every two years, making stops in iconic locations throughout Europe, the Caribbean, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

Cruise The Caribbean by Private Yacht

There are few vacations more quintessentially luxurious than a week aboard a private yacht in the Caribbean. Book an eight-day, seven-night trip with the fam to the Virgin Islands or The Bahamas to enjoy crystal clear waters, white-sand beaches, fresh local seafood, and water activities (plus plenty of relaxing).

The Virgin Islands offer some of the best snorkeling, diving, hiking, and boating you can get in the Caribbean, along with beautiful national parks on St. John and Peter Island that sea and land lovers, alike, will appreciate. The journey takes place aboard a 120-foot Broward yacht and navigates the U.S. and British Virgin Islands — with opportunities to drop anchor and do some essential shopping at local boutiques, drink rum punch at local restaurants, or bronze your body on remote beaches. And parents, rejoice: you’ll never have to spend a moment cooking — your luxury yacht services include a private chef to prepare every meal.

The Bahamas is fantastic for island-hopping, especially from the comfort of a private yacht (The Club has three distinct private charter options ranging from 108 feet to 145 feet!). Made up of more than 700 islands, The Bahamas is known for its sublime boating conditions and impressive marine life. There are few places with beaches as white or water as blue. Hiking, swimming, water sports, shopping, and snorkeling are just a few of the activities available here — plus several five-star resorts to stop at for lunches, shopping, and spa treatments. Don’t miss Staniel Cay, Thunderball Grotto, and East Beach for outdoor pursuits.

Cruise the Virgin Islands by private yacht
Explore The Bahamas by private yacht

Abercrombie & Kent Luxury Adventure Cruises

Discover the most extraordinary luxury vacations at sea with your choice of unique A&K cruises, each of which reveals the world’s most inspiring destinations from a rewarding new perspective. Setting the unrivaled standard in luxury expedition cruising for more than 30 years, A&K knows exactly what it takes to make your voyage the adventure of a lifetime. From the experts who design their luxury cruises to their acclaimed Expedition Team — everyone from the most accomplished scientists to native cultural experts raised in the communities explored — A&K believes passion and expertise are everything. Exclusive Resorts offers four distinct cruise options in partnership with A&K. From a holiday voyage around Antarctica to a cruise along the Italian coast — there is something for everyone.

France: Aboard a Luxury Barge

France has an endless network of rivers and canals (over 750 miles), and a popular way to see Burgundy, Alsace, or Champagne is by river barging. Our partner Belmond Afloat in France is a leader in their industry and our partnership allows Exclusive Resorts Members to book their preference of a variety of barges and itineraries. Belmond’s fleet is comprised of seven luxury barges ranging from the 100-foot, two-cabin Belmond Alouette (sleeping up to four people) to the 126-foot Belmond Napoléon, a six-cabin vessel accommodating up to twelve. Each barge offers several unique six-night itineraries from March through October covering different sections of the waterway throughout France.

Outfitted with large windows to take in the surrounding countryside
Reserve just one cabin or the entire ship

Cruise from Lisbon to Barcelona

Cruise along the coast of the Iberian Peninsula and discover stunning hidden gems on a unique 8-day itinerary curated specifically for Exclusive Resorts. Listen to a stirring fado performance over plates of Portuguese tapas, kayak along dramatic coastlines, witness snake charmers inside labyrinthine medinas, and stroll the streets of seaside cities like Barcelona, home to unique culture and fabled architecture. Luxury services aboard the ship and unique excursions ashore combine to make this journey unforgettable, all while getting to know fellow Exclusive Resorts Members on this Club-only, chartered cruise.

New England Yacht Escape

Cruising through New England aboard XOXO, a stunning 118-foot custom yacht, is the only way to drink in the culture of Newport, the history of Nantucket, and the relaxed local feel of Martha’s Vineyard. XOXO provides ample entertainment, including a deck jacuzzi for enjoying the scenery with your favorite drink. Your personal chef awaits, ready to treat you to succulent freshly caught lobster or a steaming bowl of aromatic clam chowder as you navigate the islands. Whether you prefer the lively energy of bustling marinas or the tranquil seclusion of hidden inlets, the choice is yours to make, creating a truly tailored experience.