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Member Spotlight: Nevis & The Dauterman Family

For Lynn and Peter Dauterman — having visited the island 13 times — this quiet Caribbean outpost has fast become a home away from home.

When you’re visiting the island of Nevis three-plus times per year, the call of the Caribbean is officially heeded. For Texans Lynn and Peter Dauterman, Club Members since 2013, Nevis has fast become a haven of respite, visiting as often as possible to bring them to a total of 13 times. What’s the hook? Pristine Paradise Beach, for starters, where Club residences hug the sea from stilted and stylish ocean villas. Also emphasizing Nevis’s stellar hospitality (Concierge Camilla Stahl is like family, they say) and an exciting culinary scene, here the Dautermans relay why this little island has such large appeal, and how traveling with The Club trumps buying a second or third home.  

Take us back to your first Nevis trip. What motivated you to go?  

We knew absolutely nothing about it, and that’s the beauty of Exclusive Resorts — it introduces you to new destinations you may have never thought of prior. We had been hopping around the Caribbean and trying everything from St. Thomas and St. John to St. Barts. When we first discovered a “busy day” at Paradise Beach was when the small horseback adventures crossed the sand, we were hooked.  

What makes Nevis hospitality and the Concierge staff such standouts?  

After 13 trips, the on-the-ground Nevis team and Camilla Stahl, our Concierge, have become like family, and this is not easily replicated anywhere else. Camilla and the head bartender from Paradise Beach recently came up with an exceptional rum pairing dinner, served at a special table right on the beach for us, along with the most amazing food. That level of service and willingness to do something very different in such a small place is remarkable. Also, there are a lot of great Nevis restaurants, and so our first question when we arrive each time is, “what's new in the restaurant scene?” The team does a great job of knowing what’s happening, plus where to go (and not go!).  

The on-the-ground Nevis team goes above and beyond
The Dautermans enjoy rum pairing dinners

Would you return to Nevis every year if it wasn’t with Exclusive Resorts?  

The Club has already taken care of all the things that typically go along with owning a second or third home. In fact, Club Membership fills that gap in your life — so you can benefit from what feels like second home ownership, yet with none of the headache. We have close friends who recently joined so they don't have to engineer any more trips themselves, and so that they don’t have to manage and maintain vacation homes. Club Membership is easy and uncomplicated — the hardest decision is, “Do we want to go back to that same restaurant for dinner again tonight?”  

What residence amenities do you most enjoy when vacationing in Nevis?  

This may sound simple, but it’s also impactful, as we are foodies: We both love the consistency of the pots and pans found in all the Exclusive Resorts homes, and we are always appreciative of the special seasonings in Nevis, too, for when we cook. If I want to make a fancy coffee for Lynn in the morning that requires cinnamon and vanilla, I’ve got the exact ingredients needed.  

Who do you typically travel with to the island?  

Mostly ourselves or with other couples. While we have taken all our blended family to Costa Rica, Nevis has become our haven to relax, as it allows us the chance to go someplace and do almost nothing other than enjoy ourselves. There's no rigid schedule. We've had two different couples we've gone to Nevis with more than once, and they just love it.  

How has your Membership fostered a sense of community?  

We love the Once-in-a-Lifetime Journeys and getting to know other Members during those. Our Membership has also allowed us to travel as a family in three different houses, seeing as we have all ages of children and grandchildren. In October, we are traveling to Rome and Florence during the Once-in-a-Lifetime Journey Italy: Exclusive Access, and are so looking forward to that. In all of our years as Members, if we have really wanted something, be it an additional home for family members, or access to specific dates for a certain upcoming trip, The Club has always made it happen.   


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5 Residences

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