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Prague's Past and Present: A Journey Through Time

Famous Gothic cathedrals, beer gardens, and refined Czech Republic cuisine are right outside your door in the iconic hub of Prague, the City of a Hundred Spires. Here is what’s tried-and-trending.

Architecture & Design 

Prague is most famous for its feats of construction and design — take a stroll through its downtown and you’ll quickly learn why the architecture alone is worth a trip to this fascinating city. Founded in 880, Prague Castle — a UNESCO World Heritage site — is the largest castle ever constructed. Wander its 18 acres, and you’ll discover mansions, gardens, chapels, and cathedrals.

Also, a must: Europe’s oldest functioning synagogue: Altneuschul (also known as the Old-New Synagogue), one of the earliest Gothic structures in Prague. 

What’s more, the beautiful Charles University is one of the oldest and most famous college campuses in the world.

Sip & Savor  

The Czech Republic may be known for comfort food like beef goulash and plenty of beer gardens, yet Prague’s fine dining has been garnering international attention, with innovative chefs and restaurants serving everything from modern pub food to elegant, wine-paired culinary adventures.

The Michelin-starred La Degustation Bohême Bourgeoise books out months in advance, and for good reason. Inspired by dishes from 19th-century Czech cuisine, Chef Oldřich Sahajdák and his team serve a multi-course tasting menu.

Dishes originate from traditional Czech cuisine
The tasting menu presents a seasonal selection from trusted farmers, foragers, and hunters

At Výčep, expect an updated twist on classic pub food, with fish, venison, and rabbit favorites.

The reimagined and lauded Štangl is known for its locally sourced ingredients from its own hydroponic farm.

At Výčep everything is made in house include bread, cheeses, and salamis
The focus is on taste, texture, and moments that are unique and unreplicable at Štangl

Ze Mě project is a new a farm-to-table concept also worth its recent hype, serving seasonal favorites anchored in top-of-the-line produce and meats.

Dining at ZE MĚ is a feast for all the senses
Where tradition meets modernity in every delectable bite

Music Mecca

Beatles fans, rejoice. You’ll discover a massive city wall devoted to John Lennon, located right next to the French Embassy in Prague’s main business sector. Originally named the “Crying Wall,” peaceful poetry honors Lennon’s reputation as a beacon of independence and optimism.

Bridging centuries

A haunted bridge and one of the world’s smallest streets. Charles Bridge, one of Prague’s most well-known landmarks, is known for being haunted. According to urban myth, when the clock strikes midnight, locals have reported seeing ghosts and hearing whispering voices.

And tucked away in the historic district of Mala Strana, you’ll find a 20-inch wide street. 

Hops Happiness

Beer is nearly mandatory. Czechs are known to indulge in twice the amount of much beer as Austrians; as such, you’ll find festive beer gardens and pubs on nearly every street corner. Cheers!