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Exclusive Resorts vs. Second Home Ownership

Reconsider that second mortgage and instead make the world your second home.®

Once seen as the ultimate luxury, a second home was the place to unwind. Wherever your dream vacation destination—whether the beach, metropolitan cities, lakes, or mountains—you envision weekends spent sipping wine by the outdoor fire pit and hosting dinner parties. Instead, you find yourself tending to the lawn, fixing the faucet, and cleaning the guest rooms more than actually relaxing. The stresses you had hoped to leave at home follow you on vacation. There is constant pressure to justify the real estate expenses of a mortgage, upkeep, insurance, and taxes—often more than $75,000 per year. And if there are any amenities, homeowners’ fees can be prohibitively expensive for an individual buyer.

An Exclusive Resorts Membership makes the world your second home. Membership flexibility allows you to explore new destinations and enjoy hundreds of VIP residences in lieu of one second home, access to luxury resorts and amenities, and a dedicated service team to cater to your every need—all without the responsibility of home maintenance and upkeep, wherever you go. Not in the market for a second home? Read Exclusive Resorts’ feature in Forbes to learn why joining the Club is a smarter alternative.

Value & Variety

When comparing pros and cons, ny Members choose joining a vacation club over second home purchases for the value it presents. The one-time Membership Initiation Fee is often less than a down payment on a home, and gives you access to more than 380 homes, often located at five-star hotels and resorts, so you can enjoy all their full-service amenities but with the space and privacy of a multi-million-dollar residence. While second home maintenance is ongoing and unpredictable, we maintain every residence in our Portfolio to the highest standards and review them for design upgrades annually—removing the financial responsibility for repairs and improvements while giving you the certainty that your experience will be outstanding from the moment you open the door, wherever you go. And, when you stay with The Club, our predictable pricing ensures you won’t be blindsided by additional fees. Stop wondering if you should buy a second home, and instead, start dreaming about incredible new destinations to explore. 


The Club’s personalized, relationship-based service ensures every comfort is at your every doorstep. After pre-trip planning your ideal vacation with your dedicated Vacation Ambassador, your Exclusive Resorts on-site Concierge and service team takes care of your every request to make you feel right at home and ensure a stress-free experience. From daily housekeeping to pre-stocking the kitchen with groceries and planning activities for your entire family, your dedicated, full-service Concierge is there to care for your every whim.

Resort Access

Not only do we have residences in the world’s most exclusive and sought-after destinations, they are located in the best neighborhoods, often part of five-star resorts and gated communities. Club Members enjoy access to resort amenities including pools, spas, kids’ clubs, and dining options while still enjoying the privacy and seclusion of their own residence.

From beachfront retreats to ski-in/ski-out chalets, we hand select every single residence, vetting them to ensure they meet our superior standards. Our specialists curate and consider every detail from spacious communal areas and award-winning resort access to high-end kitchen appliances and thread count, all so our Members can expect excellence and feel like they’re in their home away from home. And with more than 380 bespoke residences to choose from in over 75 of the world’s best vacation destinations, you’ll never get bored experiencing new locations—but can always return to your favorite places.

Since 2002, we’ve facilitated nearly 300,000 vacation experiences across our Portfolio at a 4.8 out of 5 Member satisfaction rate. Hear from our Members about why they made the choice to forego the pains of a second home and joined The Club instead. Let us change how you vacation, for good.

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* The grid is provided for comparison purposes. Exclusive Resorts home value is approximate average value of Exclusive Resorts’ owned homes. Current non-refundable Membership fee for Exclusive Resorts 10-Year Membership is $175,000.00. Reflects current Annual Dues rate for 30 Plan Days. Annual Dues subject to change in accordance with Membership Agreement. Second home value, down payment, mortgage payments, and operating costs shown for comparison purposes. Actual value and costs will vary.

Membership is subject to Club Membership agreement. Terms and conditions apply. See for more information.