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5 Reasons to Join The Club's Global Community

Here are five ways Exclusive Resorts will expand your global network and guarantee a unique legacy of travel and community.

Since 2002, Exclusive Resorts has taken its coterie of more than 4,300 Members to some of the world’s most sought-after locales, from Europe to the Caribbean and beyond. And given The Club’s nearly $1 billion-dollar portfolio of private homes, rare experiences around the globe are ensured. Yet what Members also receive in return is more than just an entry to a club: It’s a connection — to family and themselves, to new cultures, friendships, and perspectives — and to a whole new world at their fingertips.

1. Find your travel tribe.

The Club Community has become a discerning way of life. Members have a shared understanding that while travel is a special art, the notion of time is the ultimate currency. As such, the Exclusive Resorts social calendar is full of VIP experiences, Once-in-a-Lifetime Journeys, and Members-only events — all of which bring you closer to others who share your passions and interests.

Watch the Grand Prix de Monaco from a private yacht, rub elbows with top designers at New York Fashion Week, or play PGA-rated courses at Pebble Beach. Experience a polar bear voyage in the Arctic, a Seabourn Cruise to Europe, or take an Around the World by Private Jet trip in partnership with National Geographic.

“Meeting eight couples for the first time, thousands of miles away from our home — everyone blended well, and we have several new friends for life,” says Member Sean R. of his Once-in-a-Lifetime Journey. “We love both the trip experience and the opportunity to meet and get to know other Members. It’s like traveling with lifetime friends,” adds Member Richard S.

Members enjoy the good life at Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco
Soaring to new heights on a Members-only journey in the Arctic

Exclusive Resorts Whistler Concierge Belinda Brown adds, "I have watched Members' kids grow up and head to college, and even have families of their own.”  

Thinking of traveling alone? The number of solo travelers is skyrocketing, and The Club is delivering on increased demand. “When I realized how many solo travelers were on my Antarctica trip, it made it all the better,” says Member Reeta B. “I’ve traveled on my own before with other types of groups that do not have the same familiarity or camaraderie. With The Club, we are all connected in some way.”

2. Meet and mingle with the world’s most influential tastemakers.

For the world’s most impactful globetrotters (think: entrepreneurs like former AOL executive Steve Case or of-the-moment artists like photographer Gray Malin), Exclusive Resorts is the membership of choice. Members access exclusive event experiences designed for both connection and celebration, starring famous chefs from renowned restaurants including Audrey in Nashville, Girl & The Goat in Chicago, Daniel in New York, and The French Laundry in Napa, California. “A beautiful setting, mind-blowing food and wine, plus fascinating company,” says Member Jeremy P. of his French Laundry experience. “We loved getting to know more Members at this event and hope to take part in more.”

3. Enjoy real-time reviews from those in the know.

Say goodbye to questionable Yelp reviews. Instead, trust is built by been-there, done-that reviews and recommendations from fellow peers, thanks to The Club’s new Member Portal. The industry-leading search and booking platform is designed to make planning vacations easier and features just-back-from reports from like-minded travelers. Members can peruse a complete list of destinations and experiences, each with favorite local restaurants, boutiques, outdoor adventure, and spa recommendations.

4. Access other private clubs and international communities.

The Club mentality surpasses Exclusive Resorts, as Members access additional like-minded global clubs and communities including the Eden Club, Avis Chairman’s Club, the Monticello Motor Club, and New York’s coveted Core Club, among others. What’s more, Club partners are industry leaders, and VIP benefits are hand-selected and highly curated, covering everything from golf and motorsports to wine, wellness, and private aviation. “These special occasions only pass our way once and I am so grateful that The Club allows us to enjoy these very special moments together,” says Member Pat R.

The Club has a wide selection of Vineyard VIP partners in Napa and beyond — from Cakebread Cellars and Azure to The Donum Estate
Members have access to exclusive events, renowned happenings, and exciting openings through our VIP Benefit Partners

5. Be immersed in The Community, for generations to come.

From sailing the Caribbean with adventure experts to taking part in cooking classes, cultural seminars, and outdoor activities, young travelers — from toddlers to teens — have ample opportunity to connect with other kids, and to new landscapes and cultures. Whether at flagship properties like Costa Rica’s Peninsula Papagayo or Mexico’s Real del Mar, Exclusive Resorts kids’ programs are designed to make the most of every destination. “We curated a nine-day sailing trip for 8–16-year-olds in the Caribbean,” says Exclusive Resorts Vice President of Human Resources Chris Cornelius. “We did day and night dives straight from the catamaran, and the camaraderie was unforgettable."

And with The Club’s Hotel Collection, access to award-winning educational platforms include Peninsula Hotel’s Peninsula Academy and Auberge Resorts' programs. Educational, kids-specific initiatives celebrate local heritage and culture. Additionally, Exclusive Resorts Members have discovered that the future of generational wealth is inheritable experiences — a membership is an investment in a legacy of travel and can be passed down for generations to come, ensuring a prescient vision inspired by community.

“Exclusive Resorts was like a menu we could choose from, encouraging us to travel to places that we would have never thought of before,” says Member Marti G. “We’ve seen families grow and the kids become teenagers,” adds David Lozano, General Manager of Real de Mar. “It's a feeling that comes from the heart, and it’s the reason I love being part of paradise on earth!”

As originally published in the Sherpa Report.