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The Club's Experience Collection is in a league of its own, evidenced in a recent Members-only expedition to Antarctica.


The Club's Once-in-a-Lifetime Journey / OIAL /: IMPOSSIBLE TO REPLICATE. The Club launched in 2003 as the first residence vacation club of its kind, yet in 2008, with the addition of the Experience Collection, Exclusive Resorts evolved into a truly unique, global vacation Club. “With the addition of the OIAL Journeys,” says Exclusive Resorts Vice President, Experience Collection, Gina Bach, “The Club truly feels like just that — a unique club.” Member Sean Rasmus agrees, stating that during his OIAL trip to Australia and New Zealand, “Everyone blended well, and we now have several new friends for life.”

Since the inception of the OIAL program, The Club has curated and delivered 120 OIAL itineraries, with 500 departures across seven continents. Twelve Club families have experienced 20-plus OIAL Journeys, and 100 Club families have enjoyed more than 10 OIAL trips.

Photo courtesy of Member Keith Philpott
Moni Szabolcs, Experience Collection Director, enjoying the journey in Antarctica

Ask most any Member what their favorite Club experience has been, and the answer most likely involves an OIAL moment: Their child watching a pride of lions in the Serengeti; crossing the Drake Passage in route to Antarctica; toasting a Bordeaux in one hand while holding the hand of a loved one in another while at a French vineyard. During Member Keith Philpott’s recent trip to Antarctica, he captured endless photos. “Beautiful polar light, exotic, wildlife, stunning geography … any one of the three would be enough,” says Philpott. “Antarctica has all three and then some. If you’re planning a visit, stock up on sleep because you won’t be able to close your eyes here.” So whether you venture to Antarctica or Australia with The Club, be forewarned: Once In a Lifetime may turn into “How many of these journeys can I experience in a lifetime!”