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Active Pursuits: How to Stay Healthy on Vacation

We’ve got the insider tips on how to stay active and healthy on vacation — while still enjoying every minute.

Delicious rich meals, beachside cocktails, sleeping in... Ah, the joys of vacation are calling. While for many a getaway is an escape from the routine, you don’t have to forget your health goals when the plane touches down. You also don’t have to sacrifice indulgences, either. So instead of returning from your trip to a tipped scale or that puffy, sluggish feeling, try these fun tips for staying active — while still having some serious fun.


The easiest way to stay fit on vacation is to get out and enjoy your vacation. Each destination is a treasure trove of unique things to do and see — so get out there! Walks are a simple way to orient yourself in your new surroundings whether you’re in the mountains, at the beach, or in a big city. Soak up the sights while traveling on your own two feet. See what bars, restaurants, and attractions are within walking distance, lace up your shoes, and hit the pavement. 

For the more adventurous traveler, embark on a hike, ski, swim and snorkel, kayak — outdoor activities allow you to experience the destination to the fullest while staying in shape and making fond memories. Your on-site Concierge can help arrange equipment rentals from bikes to paddleboards so you can act like a kid again and go play outside. Not only will you reap the rewards of fresh air and some heart-pumping activity, but your well-earned massage will feel that much better after your adventure. 

Soak up the sights while traveling on your own two feet
Savor the fresh local fare


Transform your vacation into a custom wellness retreat with Exclusive Resorts’ partner, Life Force Wellness. Life Force personalizes a health and wellness program for one or more days of your vacation to keep you on track to your goal — whether it’s losing weight, building muscle, or simply easing stress and relaxing. They provide access to leading trainers and specialists, providing meditation and yoga classes, massage, fitness training, and other wellness services all in the privacy and comfort of your residence — and custom-tailored to you. 

We all know part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is by eating a balanced diet. While dining out on vacation is a cherished pastime, too much indulging can leave us feeling stuffed and sluggish. Keep on savoring fresh local fare while alternating in meals prepared especially for you. Private Life Force chefs whip up delicious, organic, and locally sourced gourmet meals while considering your preferences, allergies, and dietary needs. Pre-prepared meals make great on-the-go lunches to take to the beach or on a picnic. For a hands-on experience the whole family will love, let your chef guide you through a private cooking class where you can not only create and enjoy a nourishing meal but take your new skills back home. 

Exclusive Resorts Members can connect with their Ambassador or on-site Concierge to begin customizing their luxury wellness experience for their next vacation. 


Vacations often mean there is limited time to stick to a fitness routine, but even just 20 – 30 minutes of heart-pumping activity daily can keep you feeling good. In the past couple of years, the fitness app space has boomed, giving us more than a few options to choose from for on-the-go workouts. Find an app you love and take it with you wherever you go. Our residences’ spacious terraces in Peninsula Papagayo are calling you to move through a quick sunrise HIIT routine, and the mountain views just out the window of our Whistler homes offer a soothing backdrop for a family yoga class. 

Keep your Peloton class streak going by downloading their mobile app on your phone or iPad. (No, you don’t need a bike to get started!) You can take a variety of classes from meditation and yoga to guided jogs and strength training sessions while on vacation with minimal to no equipment required. Simply filter your search to your favorite activities, instructors, and the amount of time you have to get your sweat on. Joining a class (even virtually) helps you carve out time to stay active — plus the motivation and instruction from a coach never hurt. Bonus: a quick morning sweat session does wonders for jump-starting your day, reducing stress, and beating jet lag.  


Many resorts have wellness amenities and programs available to guests, offering a robust schedule of group fitness classes and personal training — and most Exclusive Resorts residences give Members access to these unparalleled amenities and more. Eden Roc Cap Cana has a customized Endless Wellbeing package, featuring private fitness classes, premium nourishing meals at the resort restaurants, an in-room fitness kit, spa credits, and a personal Wellness Concierge to design the program to fit your goals and needs. 

Esperanza in Los Cabos, MX hosts complimentary fitness classes from TRX and Beach Bootcamp to Reformer Pilates and Yoga. Through their Trainer-in-Residence program, you can sweat it out with renowned guest fitness and yoga instructors from top private health clubs and studios across the U.S. For a gentler option, flow through sun salutations the way they’re meant to be done — in the sun — during an open-air morning yoga class held on a cliff above the beach. There’s nothing like savasana with the sound of waves crashing in the background. Members can contact their Ambassador or on-site Concierge for details on any wellness offerings the destination may have. 

Choose premium nourishing meals at the resort restaurants
Work with a personal trainer to give you guidance and accountability


For those seeking longer-term results, working with a personal trainer gives you the guidance and accountability you need. While you may not be able to take John from the gym with you on your trip, you can reach for your phone: Future’s personal training app is like having a coach in your pocket 24/7. Simply answer a few questions at sign up, then select a coach based on their experience, credentials, training style, and personality (oh, and you can easily switch at any time).  

After Future pairs you with a top certified trainer, they’ll work with you to create a customized workout plan tailored to your goals while considering your favorite activities and lifestyle. Your coach keeps you on track with FaceTime consultations, daily check-ins, and progress checks designed to keep you consistent, celebrate your wins, and help you push through when you need it. When you’re traveling, your coach can easily arrange your workouts around whatever equipment and activities are available (and your itinerary!) so you never miss a workout — but don't cut into your vacation time, either. 

Future’s app pairs with your Apple Watch analytics to gain insight into your activity and progress while holding you accountable. No watch? No problem. Your welcome kit includes a water bottle and Apple Watch to use during your membership.  

Cheers to a happy and healthy vacation!