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Treat Yourself on Valentine's Day

V-Day is all about showing love — especially to yourself — and Miraval is just the place to celebrate with some serious self-care.

Heart-shaped chocolates and glitter-laden cards, red roses by the dozen and candies stamped with sentimental sayings — the usual Valentine’s Day fodder certainly has its place, but this year, there are more than enough excuses to show ourselves some love. Reason #1: We can only do our best (and show our love to others) when we feel our best. And so, there’s perhaps no day more appropriate for self-care than Valentine’s Day, and there’s no place better to get it than at Miraval. The legendary Arizona resort (which has a second outpost amid the scenic Hill Country of Austin, Texas) is all about the journey to a healthier, happier, and higher state — or quite simply, the journey toward a better version of ourselves. Here are five “just-me” ways Miraval promises plenty of self-care for the most important person in your life (you!).

Embrace self-love amidst Miraval's relaxing atmosphere
Set your intentions and rest peacefully at one of the Club's seven residences


We are all masterpieces, and yet we are also works in progress. Taking time to consider ourselves — our needs and desires as well as our past successes and losses — keeps us aligned with our greater purpose in life. Join workshops that help us ground ourselves in the present and motivate by allowing us to let go of impossible expectations through journaling, crafts, and ancient arts. For a solo moment of reflection, walk the Labyrinth, Miraval’s circular pathway that, when followed, is a personal voyage into self-discovery and awareness.

Pampering Therapy 

Treating yourself to something that feels good is one of the fastest ways to boost your well-being — and at Miraval’s Life-in-Balance Spa, there are hundreds of ways to achieve instant nirvana. Book a full day (or two) and indulge in the Desert Sage Body Polish, a full-body scrub using native Sonoran Desert ingredients like wild sage and lavender, or succumb to an intuitive Palo Santo massage or Vitamin C facial. Before and after your treatments you can relax by the fire surrounded by healing crystals, or take advantage of hot and cold pools for even more relaxation.

Reset and Reconnect

Prioritizing your mental health is as important as maintaining physical health, and Miraval’s myriad offerings in meditation, yoga, and other healing practices give you all the tools you need to achieve a more grounded and relaxed state. Join a crystal meditation session to cleanse your energy, participate in a Vinyasa Yoga class to open your breath, or learn the art of Shanti Pranam meditation to find inner peace — all are included in your nightly rate with Exclusive Resorts.

Try Something New

Miraval’s 400 acres at the foot of the Santa Catalina Mountains are ripe with opportunities to prove yourself — your strength, your stamina, your courage. Get some air between you and the ground with a zipline, tightrope, or aerial yoga session; hike through the scenic desert; or challenge yourself to archery or hatchet-throwing. Testing your limits won’t just make you stronger; research shows that overcoming physical obstacles also increases emotional intelligence and creativity in other parts of your life.

Feed Your Soul

There’s more to eating well than microgreens and smoothies (although Miraval does have classes dedicated to both!). Nourishing your body means providing it with an array of cuisines and flavors — even cocktails and dessert, as you’ll learn in culinary classes like Conscious Mixology and Perfect Steak, both of which show students how to make wise decisions when indulging. For a full evening of culinary immersion, book a seat at the connoisseur’s table for a five-course meal meant to expand your horizons when it comes to new ingredients and preparations. You may even pick up a thing or two to take back to your own kitchen.