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Travel Goes Members-Only

With an emphasis on health and safety, Membership travel is on the rise. Read Exclusive Resorts’ feature in the New York Times to see why.

Privatized travel is booming in the wake of the global pandemic as families are drawn toward safer, more personalized vacation options. Wary of crowded hotels, restaurants, and air travel, vacationers are seeking greater peace of mind that traditional travel—including standard resorts and hotels and rental homes on sites like Airbnb and VRBO—just can’t provide.

Traveling with a full-service destination club offers more perks, ease, and value to travelers by going above and beyond just acting as a basecamp for relaxation and adventure. A more personal element is desired, along with the safety and security aspect, especially now in the current travel environment. There’s a benefit in easing the burden of planning and uncertainty many travelers simply don’t want to contend with. On-site concierge services, more flexible cancellation policies, and partnerships with private air travel operators and a private medical service are among the draws of membership with a vacation club like Exclusive Resorts.

“You have an Ambassador who helps you with anything, like your own private travel agent,” Mr. Brinkman, Exclusive Resorts Member, said of the Club. “When you rent a house through Airbnb or VRBO, you’re at the mercy of owners. Many of them are doing a great job, but it’s on you to ask, and to assess, which is a lot more work.”

Though traditional travel took a hit in 2020, the popularity of luxury destination clubs like Exclusive Resorts—who provide safe, private vacation options both near and far from home—is at an all-time high.

“This past August, we saw the highest level of demand since 2013,” James Henderson, Chief Executive Officer of Exclusive Resorts shared with The New York Times. “We signed Members in August who have been in our database as prospects for 10 years and decided now, at this time, they wanted the security,trust, and privacy we can offer.”