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The Epicurious

YOLO Journal founder, Yolanda Edwards, curates your culinary hit list, from Sicily to the Grenadines.

As the former Creative Director at Conde Nast Traveler and now the founder of the wildly successful YOLO Journal, Yolanda Edwards’s mission is to uncover rare gems when abroad and beyond. Here are her top picks — from restaurants to markets — for your global foodie file.


La Chassagnette is just outside Arles, but the drive to it, in the heart of the Camargue wetlands, makes you feel you’re in the middle of nowhere. Then it appears: The most well-styled farmhouse restaurant with an expansive surrounding organic garden. It’s one of my favorite lunch memories ever—sitting there for hours in the garden and eating the dreamiest tasting menu from everything grown right in front of me.

Of all the magical brasseries in the country, Les Vapeurs, in the seaside town of Trouville in Normandy, wins. Besides superb classics (moules frites is a must), decor, and vibe, it has that endless beach just steps away, and the sea air makes everything perfect.

Ré Ostréa in Île de Re is an oyster producer that doubles as a restaurant. Sit outside on long tables overlooking the sea, with the biggest platters of fruits de mer you’ve ever seen. Magical!


In a country with fantastic places to eat always within arm’s length, Ristoro Mucciante in Campo Imperatore — located two hours from Rome within the Abruzzo region’s Gran Sasso National Park — is one of the best. On weekends, locals flock to Mucciante, where they grill meat and eat on picnic tables in the middle of the most glorious landscape.

Syracuse’s Ortigia Market in Sicily is an unforgettable food experience. Set in the historic section of town, it has the best of everything — fish stands, tables of blood oranges, mountains of local cheeses, and lots of small little restaurants where you can sit and eat in the middle of it all. The pizza tasting menu at da Concettina ai Tre Santi in Naples is next level. I would fly to Italy for one night just to have dinner here.


Lunch at the Bahamas’ Kamalame Cay is a day-long affair drawing a cool, fun crowd from all over. Share a gorgeous meal (and lots of day dancing) at a long table with strangers who immediately become friends.

Sunset Cover Bar and Restaurant is in Union Island in the Grenadines. It’s one of those rustic beach shacks caught in time, in the most beautiful location. You can only reach it by boat, so it isn’t crowded, and it has the best conch fritters and rum punch.

Montego Bay Farmers Market in Jamaica is one of the most vibrant markets I’ve been to. Expect beautiful fruits and vegetables, gorgeous fish, and lots of herbs and spices, which make for great souvenirs.'


The Santa Barbara Farmer’s Market is one of my favorite markets. It features stand after stand of the most beautiful avocados, citrus you’ve never seen before, and gorgeous flowers.

I adore Chez Panisse in Berkeley, especially the upstairs cafe where you can order a la carte. Everything tastes straight from the garden (because it is), and I love how unfussy it is. I always order the seasonal fruit for dessert just to see how it’s presented — so I can try to copy it back home.

The Marshall Store on Highway 1 is just above Point Reyes Station in Northern California. It’s a seafood shack right on the water and serves the freshest oysters on outdoor tables.