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The Caribbean’s best-kept secret? Nevis.

5 reasons to book your flight to Paradise Beach, stat.  

Whether you’re a foodie, history buff, adventurist, culture seeker, or all the above, Nevis is a sophisticated island with big personality, yet maintains a decidedly chill vibe. And while visiting this Caribbean vacation spot is thrilling any time of year, spring and summer entice those most in the know. Why? Let us count the ways. 

1 | Your own private haven, sans crowds.

While Nevis and neighboring St. Kitts are decidedly quiet islands year-round, peak season ends in April. Come spring and summer, you’ll have the pristine Paradise Beach pretty much to yourself, save a few other fortunate (and wise) visitors and beautiful wildlife such as the vervet monkey, which has lived on Nevis for 300-plus years. What’s more, you’ll be perfectly tucked away from other touristy Caribbean destinations. Enjoy a sunset all to yourself from the comfort of your Club beach house, located at the ocean’s edge, snorkel in crystal-clear water from your private beach, or collect starfish in solitude. 

2 | Easy access to the Caribbean’s top culinary scene.

If there is one aspect to Nevis that’s becoming wildly known, it’s a growing food scene. The island’s culinary traditions are largely influenced by East India, due to its plantation heritage. Top spots like Bananas (a favorite sunset perch with incredible roti served in a garden setting), Luna, Drift, and Hermitage Inn are a draw in peak season, yet during the slower months, you’ll have ample time to savor top-notch cuisine (Paradise Beach Resort’s restaurant is a Member favorite) and potentially spend time with the talent behind it — including local chefs, mixologists, and the mastermind behind Sunshine Beach Bar and Grill’s Killer Bee cocktail. Also, don’t miss dining by candlelight at the Montpelier Plantation, a 300-year-old former sugar mill converted into the Caribbean’s most unique restaurant.  

Dine in the 300-year-old former sugar mill at the Montpelier Plantation
Enjoy the fresh seafood at Drift

3 | Seas the day, plus inland adventure.

Whether you prefer deep sea fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, or island hopping to nearby St. Kitts (considered one of the most scenic crossings in the eastern Caribbean), the availability of top private yacht charters and coveted local captains is more easily secured during non-peak months. When land roving, you can hike above the clouds on Nevis Peak, navigate the jungle via zip line, and explore scenic plantations. As one of the Caribbean’s lushest islands, with a unique micro-climate, Nevis’s towering volcano is easily observed at various vantage points.  

4 | Preferred access and seamless hospitality.

The Club’s five beachfront villas are more readily available during non-peak months. Perhaps you’re desiring a return trip to the same residence as your initial Nevis welcome, or you’ve been eyeing a specific home on the Member Portal.

During the slower months, you’re more likely to stay in a favorite, or soon-to-be favorite, coastal haven. What’s more, the Nevis Concierge team is consistently voted a Member favorite, which means your every island whim is meticulously vetted and delivered.  

5 | Discover enchanting island history.

Did you know? The first Anglican church was built in Nevis nearly 400 years ago, in 1643. Admiral Horatio Nelson (a legend to the British), met and married Fanny Nisbet on Nevis. What’s more, this coveted Caribbean outpost was the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton! All this surprising history, and more, is easily experienced. Discover the island’s most alluring landmarks (don’t miss the Museum of Nevis History) with a private local driver and very few around. Lastly, 44 varieties of mango grow on the island! As such, Nevis has been proclaimed as the Mango Capital of the Caribbean, with the annual Nevis Mango Festival held the first weekend in July.  


5 Residences
Nevis, West Indies

Paradise Beach

5 Residences

Paradise Beach