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Sea the World

The World® 2022 immerses Members in a one-year, global circumnavigation.

One year. Five continents. 93 ports of call. 165 luxury residences. Plus, endless opportunities for transformative perspectives. If in search of the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime experience, enter The World®, Residences at Sea. Today’s largest, privately owned yacht is nothing short of mind-blowing: six restaurants, golf facilities with onboard putting greens, the only full-size tennis court at sea, swimming pools, a spa, fitness center with personal trainers, expert destination lecturers, library, cinema, game rooms, and more. Yet while this at-sea community is famous for innovative design and amenities, its mission is most notable: The World is your catalyst to connection. No other travel itinerary fully celebrates—with private access, of course—the globe’s most coveted destinations and far-flung cultures. What to expect? An onboard, private country-club vibe while traversing the globe, plus three expeditions that will bring your imagination to life.

The Ship

The World is lauded for bespoke services, while spacious onboard residences are customized to personal preferences—a lifestyle akin to a private yacht. With accommodations ranging from studio to three-bedroom family residences, this mega-yacht maintains an average occupancy of just 150 to 200 residents and guests. New to the 2022 experience is a virtual lecture series with a new LED video wall, designed to bring visited destinations fully alive.

The Itinerary

The World’s 2022 journey begins in the Hawaiian and Pacific islands before heading to South America, with landings in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, and Colombia. Next up, the vessel winds through the Caribbean, where white-sand beaches and vibrant seaside towns beckon. The ship then crosses the Atlantic to Northern and Western Europe, stopping by Ireland and the remote Faroe Islands before spending two months in the Mediterranean. After making its way to the Suez Canal, the spectacular journey ends in Oman and Qatar, celebrating the New Year in Dubai.

The Expeditions

Residents and guests can embark on three expeditions to the world’s most untrammeled lands, including a rare opportunity to experience back-to-back, 15-day expeditions. Explore the Tuamotu and Marquesas archipelagos of French Polynesia, followed by a second voyage to Polynesia’s Austral Islands, Pitcairn, and Easter Island. A third expedition later in the year navigates the raw beauty of Iceland. Led by a team of experts and specialist lecturers, expeditions fully immerse guests in particular regions, fostering hands-on education. What’s more, professional photographers lead workshops to capture the indelible landscapes and cultures. The formal 2022 expeditions include French Polynesia: Tuamotus and Marquesas Islands Expedition; Pacific Islands Expedition: Austral Islands, Pitcairn and Easter Island; and the Iceland Expedition.

Active excursions include such adventures as scuba diving Australia’s Great Barrier Reef
The World chefs immerse residents in local culinary scenes, including visits to regional spice markets

The Scene

A diverse group of 150+ residents from 20 countries own The World’s homes and share similar interests in world cultures, history, and exploration. Onboard restaurants host guest chefs such as Soenil Bahadoer, Jonas Andre Navik, and Alastair McLeod, while sommeliers take residents to wineries unopen to the public. Additionally, The World’s chefs bring destinations alive via cuisine—residents accompany chefs to local markets and speak with growers to enrich culinary knowledge. After working up an appetite, wellness remains top of mind aboard The World, too. At-sea amenities include swimming pools, a state-of-the-art gym, and a decadent spa, and while on terra firma, expect non-stop action. Discover ancient treasures on a private guided tour of Athens’ New Acropolis Museum (opened exclusively for residents), hike the sub-tropical mountains of San Juan’s El Yunque National Forest, or scuba dive Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

No matter where you roam, or what you choose to explore while a resident of The World, “wow factor” remains your compass.

Where You’ll Stay

Exclusive Resorts Members have access to the Club’s four two-bedroom suites complete with a private veranda and spacious interiors. None of the luxury residences onboard are available to the open public. Each is privately owned.