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How to make the most of your yacht charter and keep everything above-deck.

There’s a first time for everything — and hopefully, when it comes to yachting, more than a first time. Here’s everything you need to know about chartering a yacht with Exclusive Resorts and checking off a bucket list travel adventure.


So, yachting: just a cool eight days and seven nights aboard a stunningly appointed, multi-million dollar boat with a full-time staff to cater to your every need, not to mention the best ocean views around. Sounds pretty good, right? Typically, when chartering a yacht you work with a yacht broker who works with a listing broker to match you with a boat that suits your needs. You pay a fee for the physical boat and its crew, as well as for all the variable costs like dockage, fuel, operating expenses, and consumables. (Ever wondered how much wine, bottled water, and lobster your most relaxed self can consume in a week? You’ll find out.) These incremental expenses are lumped into an Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA) which usually averages 30-40% of the charter fee, and is paid up front. On the last day of your charter, you settle up and either pay the difference or get a refund.


As with all our experiences, we’re here to make things easy and enjoyable. We’ve developed an all-inclusive, flat-fee program (not including gratuity) that eliminates the entire concept of APA, so you don’t have to worry about whether dockage rates or the price of caviar went up or down last week. You’ll end your trip on a truly relaxed note, instead of reviewing a 400 line-item bill. Plus, you’ll work directly with our yacht partners, instead of brokers, for nonstop service-at-the-ready — including a dedicated yacht concierge. From picking you up at the airport in a private car service to dropping you off at the end, the entire experience is covered. Essentially, it’s the pinnacle of luxury travel.


Privately cruise through the pristine Bahamian islands with your closest travel companions on Double Down, a spacious 108-foot Broward yacht with ample indoor and outdoor lounging space. Our vetted eight-day itinerary will show you the best of the Exumas, the premier yachting area with pristine beaches and some of the world's best dive sites. Need more space? Cruise in incomparable luxury and style on a one-of-a kind, 145-foot tri-deck private yacht — with a crew dedicated to your every need.

Prefer to set sail through the Virgin Islands with your closest family and friends on a customized, 120-foot Broward yacht? Kick back and relax while a dedicated crew attends to your every need, including a curated itinerary and delicious chef-prepared meals. Play in the aquamarine water (and the world's best dive sites), lounge on pristine white sand beaches, drop anchor at popular island watering holes, and spend the day shopping at chic boutiques in charming locales.


1. What do I pack?

Our yacht partners recommend packing light in a soft-sided bag for easier storage. You’ll want plenty of swimsuits since most of the activities are water-based. Bring sun hats for day, and a light jacket or two for evening. Meals can be as casual or dressy as you like, but shoes aren’t allowed on board, so leave your fancy footwear at home, unless you want to have dinner off the boat. (Most guests plan this, then cancel it. Boat life is just too good.) Toiletries, towels, and sunscreen are all provided.

Dress in chic, light, and airy yacht-wear
White works all year-round on the open sea

2. How do I interact with the crew?

Seen too many episodes of Below Deck? Rest assured, it’s pure drama. The yacht crew is there to make the experience exceptional — and tailored specifically to you. Our yacht partner prides themselves on hiring crew members that can sense whether you want more privacy or attention and act accordingly. So just be clear about what you prefer. They’ll follow suit.

3. Is it kid friendly?

It depends on the age of the child. A yacht charter is a wonderful option for family adventure travel; in fact, many guests with older kids report incredible quality time with their teens because of the fun activities and comfortably close quarters. Children under the age of 10 must be pre-approved, but typically, when a child is mobile but hasn’t quite grasped the concept of consequence (approximately between the ages of two and six) our yacht partner asks that you bring an extra adult to keep an eye on them.

4. What if I feel queasy?

If you have a history of seasickness, we recommend starting to wear a Scopolamine patch three days days before departure. Dramamine can also be taken (pro tip: start the day before the charter leaves). However, all of our boats have enhanced stabilizers, and almost everyone who has experienced seasickness in the past has reported little to no symptoms on ours.

5. What’s the Wi-Fi situation?

Internet is available on the boat, but the bandwidth and connectivity speed is not comparable to what you’ll get at destination homes. Stronger Wi-Fi may be available at marinas and entry points.

6. How much should I tip?

Members of yacht charter crews have big jobs—from prepping and provisioning to approximately 18-hour work days. It’s customary to leave gratuity at the end of a charter and industry standard is 20% of the charter fee. We keep things simple and recommend $2000-$2500 per crew member. Most guests prefer to tip in cash, but you can use a credit card for a small fee.