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Par-fection with PGA TOUR Golfer Brendon Todd

A new Club partnership with PGA TOUR Golfer, Brendon Todd, celebrates the power of both travel and sport. Plus, a few tips for beginners.

Brendon Todd’s passion for travel rivals his love of golf. And that’s a good thing, considering competitions keep him on the road 30 weeks a year. The 36-year-old catapulted into golf history after executing one of the PGA TOURS’ greatest comebacks in late 2019, when he won back-to-back titles at the Bermuda Championship and the Mayakoba Golf Classic. Bermuda and Mexico, like many tournament locations, often turn into extended family vacations with his wife Rachel, and their three children, Oliver, 7, Scarlett, 5, and Violet, 3. “The cool thing about my job is that I get to travel to some very nice places and if I golf for six days I can sneak some vacation moments into the seventh,” he says.

Beach and ski trips are family favorites when travel is purely fun, he says. “Beach trips are great because I spend all morning jumping waves and building sandcastles with my kids, then it’s lunch and a nap, a sunset cocktail with my wife, and dinner,” says Todd. “It’s my favorite type of vacation if I need to unplug.” When he’s craving more action, he heads to the slopes. “I’m the guy who wants to be on the hill all day,” says the avid skier. His winter wish list includes stays in Colorado’s Beaver Creek and Telluride and Deer Valley, Utah. His beach bucket list coincides with some top golf courses and unique golf experiences at Club properties in Grand Cayman, Abaco, Bahamas, and Kiawah Island, South Carolina.

“The number one attraction of Exclusive Resorts is the vast array of destinations,” he says. “And right after that is having a concierge team to book your activities, reservations, and experiences so you can really take advantage of your time away.” 


Brendon Todds’ Pro Tips for Golf Amateurs

1. Find the passion for practicing the game, says Todd. “Golf is a sport that you have to enjoy practicing as much as playing if you want to get to a point where playing the course is fun.”

2. Hire a teacher, or there are plenty of free tips and instructional videos on YouTube that can help improve everything from your stance to your swing.

3. A lot of beginners have a stiff, unathletic stance, he says. “You want to be in a flexed, dynamic, athletic position like if you played shortstop in baseball or were about to kick a soccer ball,” he says. “You want to be in a position of power.”

4. “Everyone is excited to see where the ball goes,” he says. “Elite level players can almost hit with their eyes closed, but starting out, you cannot take your eye off the ball.”

5. Play quickly when it’s your turn and when it’s not, be still, and move out of the way. “Use the pauses to think about your next shot,” he says.

This piece originally appeared in our Fall/Winter 2021 issue of CURATED Magazine.