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Out of the Box

Buy one of these extraordinary presents, and your special someone will be claiming bragging rights. 

If you know someone who has everything (or has very specific taste), they can be tough to gift. Our rule of thumb? Spare no expense and think like they do. And don’t forget, surprises are always nice. Diamonds out of the blue, luxury VIP travel around the world, or the latest tech trend make most everyone smile. Here’s our list of extra-special holiday somethings for anyone extraordinary in your life. 

Acura NSX

This isn’t your typical supercar. Why? Because it’s a hybrid. It even has a quiet mode that mutes exhaust, and, unlike owning another exotic ride, won’t wake your neighbors when you roll out on Sunday morning. Yet it’s not just quiet, of course—it’s shockingly quick, with AWD, massive cornering grip, and eyeball-pinning acceleration (0-60 mph in three seconds flat). What’s so smart, however, is that even the suspension can be made pliant and comfortable. A few other supercars can match it on the track—though even the Acura is less prone to punish newbie racers—but none is as daily-driver easy. Bonus: It even gets reasonable fuel economy at 21 city, 22 highway. — $157,500 • 

Sanlorenzo SD96

While the rooms of many yachts can feel cave-like or militarily sterile, the 90 meter SD96 was born from the inside out, quite literally. The iconic shipbuilder turned to famed interior designer Patricia Urquiola, who insisted on using warmly hued tones (think earth, rather than sea) and creating an airier, friendly, and more inviting vibe than is typical of the genre. Urquiola also cleverly deployed moving walls and hidden utility (such as tables that fold away) to maximize the mutability of spaces—so a bedroom can expand to become a meeting room; the main dining room can morph into a party space. Even the flooring is designed with coziness in mind, with teak and blond woods creating continuity between the outdoor decks and the interior rooms. It all feels like a gorgeous home—one that just happens to float. — Price Available Upon Request • 

Hasselblad 500C Camera 

Hasselblad’s 500C is easily one of the most iconic cameras of all time. And because of the astounding build quality and excellent optics ranges of Carl Zeiss lenses, fashion shooters still use these 60-year-old bodies. Now, Hasselblad just updated the entire system—for the digital age. With the CFV II back snapped to the 907X body, you can shoot in that same classic style, staring down at a viewfinder, but produce stunning 50-megapixel images. And what’s ultra-cool is being able to use lenses dating back to 1957, effectively allowing the creativity of film with the instant gratification of digital. Bonus: Hasselblad’s CFV II digital back features one of the most intuitive touchscreen menus we’ve ever tested. If you can snap shots with an iPhone, you can rock this Hasselblad. — Price Available Upon Request • 

Allied Alfa Allroad

Born from the passionate dreams of cycling veterans at Orbea, Guru, and Specialized, Allied is the ultra-rare label nobody will believe—making superb carbon fiber frames in the U.S., when almost all carbon fiber bikes are laid up in Asia. And the real fun is in the small details. For one, the aesthetic is superb; the gravel-focused Allroad has the fluid lines of a classic road bike, but don’t worry, you don’t have to crouch like a racer. Allied creates a more upright position you need for tackling technical fire roads with a longer head tube. Admittedly the Allroad isn’t designed to be as dirt-specific as some gravel bikes; instead it’s meant to be a road bike, with that kind of sports car-like  handling, that can also be used off-road, with room for up to 38 cm knobby tires. Yes, it’s stiff, fast, and quite light, too. And Allied, unlike mass brands, will work one-on-one with you to tailor specs exactly how you want them. That kind of customer service, like the U.S.-made frame, also sets Allied apart. — $5,799 •