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Member Spotlight: The Wear Family

For the Wears, Exclusive Resorts Experiences and Journeys become memories cherished for a lifetime.

The Wear family, from Paradise Valley, Arizona, joined in the earlier years of Exclusive Resorts, and has grown up with The Club throughout their 13 years of Membership. “We joined when our kids were 6 and 7, and now they’re 19 and 21,” Bart Wear says. “We wanted to ‘go on vacations’ instead of just ‘taking trips’ and have curated travel experiences traveling with friends and family. We wanted our kids to have a good time, bring along their friends, and be safe.”

Their Vacation Ambassador, Danielle, has been working with the family for about a decade. “Danielle’s not an Ambassador to me, she’s a friend. She knows our likes and dislikes. She knows our kids and has seen them grow up. She knows we like to be very active, so she’s learned to anticipate all our needs for every vacation,” Bart says. “She does all our travel planning—from before we’ve departed to arrival, groceries, restaurant reservations, and departures. Between her and our local on-site Concierge, everything is seamless.”

The details and personalized experiences organized by Danielle and their dedicated on-site teams make every vacation memorable. “Danielle, our Ambassador, makes every holiday better. For example, the added touch of receiving a framed picture and having champagne delivered to our cabin in Fiji during our anniversary was especially sweet,” Linda Wear remembers.

When it comes to their favorite trip memories, The Club’s Experiences and Once-in-a-Lifetime Journeys are family favorites—especially when they went on an African safari. “We loved seeing the excitement on our kids’ faces as we explored and saw all the wildlife together,” Bart says. “Normally I would have a lot of safety concerns, but with Exclusive Resorts, there were none.”

On their bucket list is another private yacht trip with their family and friends to the Bahamas. Seeing the world as a family is an experience the Wears value, creating memories to cherish for a lifetime.

“We love how memorable it’s been for our kids. My wife, Linda, is a photographer, and we’ve put together booklets from the safari, New Zealand, French Polynesia, Croatia, and more. It’s really nice to look back,” says Bart. “Life is full of experiences. The kids can’t tell me what they got for a random birthday, but they definitely remember their private family vacations to Real del Mar, Costa Rica, and Hawaii. You can’t put a price tag on that.”

For the Wear family, traveling with Exclusive Resorts is the way to go. “From pre-trip planning to the great homes and exceptional service, everything about Exclusive Resorts is first class—the complete package. No details are forgotten.” Bart says. “The memories last a lifetime. After all, who remembers possessions over experiences? That’s what it is all about.”