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Member Spotlight: Matthew and Kimberly G.

Members since 2012, here's how this family maximizes their time with the Club.

Why choose Exclusive Resorts over a vacation home or hotel?

Kimberly: We had been considering a vacation home, but decided we would wind up spending all our vacations there just to justify the cost of having that home. And then we would miss out on getting to travel to other places with our kids.

Matthew: If you stay at a hotel you’re a slave to going out for every meal and you don’t have the comfort of sitting around the fire and playing games or cooking breakfast.

How has the Club made travel easier for your family?

Kimberly: The planning stages of a trip can be so overwhelming. We’ve rented homes before and it’s a lot of work finding a place and then still not exactly knowing what you’re going to get. With Exclusive Resorts, we know exactly what to expect, even if we’re going somewhere we’ve never been before. Exclusive Resorts takes care of the little things so vacation can start as soon as you arrive. The groceries and all of the snacks the kids like are already stocked. If you’ve forgotten something like extra diapers or bug spray, they’ll get it. Having all the planning in place makes travel a lot less stressful. And it’s nice when we’re traveling with friends to know the trip will meet—if not exceed—everyone’s expectations.

How has Exclusive Resorts helped make time together a priority?

Matthew: Before we joined the Club, I would have taken one trip a year. Then there was a moment in my life when I said, “Hey, I have kids. I have a family. I’m probably working too hard. Maybe it’s time to shift gears and reprioritize.” With Exclusive Resorts, we can pre-book vacations a year or even two years out. This really allows us to plan our lives and schedules around the time we want to spend together.