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Member Spotlight: Lynne Humphries

Between girls’ trips, multigenerational family vacations, and giving the gift of travel, Lynne Humphries, a Member since 2008, knows how to make the most of the Club.

For Lynne Humphries, nothing is more important than making memories with friends and family. “I’ll cry if I think of all the beautiful memories of trips spent with loved ones no longer with us,” she says. A Member since 2008, Lynne recently renewed her Membership for another 30 years, which she is able to pass down to her children and future generations. “My Membership will long outlive me!”

Lynne loves to spread the joy of travel to others. With 80 Plan Days per year, she shares them amongst her family and friends. “I love to travel, but I also love to treat others to vacations who could otherwise not afford it,” she says. To her, traveling is about creating a central gathering place for connection and memory making.

“Traveling with the whole family and getting 10-12 hotel rooms is hard—people can’t be together all the time,” Lynne says. This is one reason she loves Exclusive Resorts, as the residences offer plenty of room for everyone to spend time together, whether groups of friends or multiple generations of family members. “I have a core group of two to three girlfriends, and we love to go on holidays together, or I take my family.” Lynne began by taking multigenerational trips with her parents and grandparents years ago. Now that they are gone, it is the memories she holds on to. “You can’t put a price on traveling and making memories with your family,” says Lynne.

Gifting Plan Days is one way Lynne likes to give the greatest gift of all: travel. “For special occasions such as graduations, anniversaries, or for a honeymoon, I’ll gift seven days to my children. I’ll just ask them, ‘Where do you want to go?’ and send them off.” Lynne laughs at her children’s spontaneity but is thankful Exclusive Resorts enables them to still take unforgettable vacations without months of preparation. “Two of my kids never plan in advance. Sometimes we’ll just say, ‘Three weeks from now, what’s available?’ and pick one and go.”

Lynne appreciates not having to do much work, if any, to plan her family’s trips. “The first few years I didn’t use my Vacation Ambassador or the on-site Concierges as much,” she says. “But once I let go and left the planning to them, my travel experiences greatly improved.” When asked how full-service Concierges and Ambassadors have elevated her vacations, Lynne mentions dining. “They’re really good at finding—and getting me into—hole-in-the-wall restaurants. I don’t want to eat something I can get back home. I want to eat like a local.”

During her years of Membership with Exclusive Resorts, Lynne has traveled the world: from Thanksgivings in South Carolina to the Kentucky Derby and multiple Once-in-a-Lifetime Journeys. But it is one bucket-list trip in particular that stands out the most. “I had always wanted to go to Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet.” But Lynne could never find a trip that went to all three until Exclusive Resorts offered her the chance. “That was my first Exclusive Resorts Journey. It was the most unforgettable travel  experience. We went to a local school and a refugee camp established after the earthquake and helped distribute water, food, and clothes. It was just amazing.” Being able to give back while on vacation was an experience Lynne won’t soon forget. “I knew the trip would be good. But the biggest surprise? It was over the top good. Simply amazing.”

Between enduring memories with the ones she loves to the ability to give the gift of travel to family and friends, Lynne truly exemplifies what it means to travel well with the Club. “I just love being an Exclusive Resorts Member,” she says.