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Embracing the New, Now

The Longo Family discovers that when it comes to family vacation destinations — new can be a good thing.

With today’s travelers looking for certainty in an increasingly unpredictable world, Exclusive Resorts’ privatized membership model — which provides access to more than 400+ luxury residences and rare experiences in 75+ coveted destinations — is more appealing than ever. Members since 2021, Brian and Mindy Longo share their reasons for joining The Club.

Who introduced you to The Club?

Our financial advisor. It sounded fantastic. The homes have enough space so you can invite not just family, but friends too, and that really resonated with me. We started with a 10-year Membership and just upgraded to a 30-year Membership because we’ve been wow-ed by every place we’ve stayed in.

How has it made things easier?

I’m the vacation planner in the family. So, for me, I only relax when I know it’s going to be good. That’s when I can actually enjoy myself as opposed to feeling responsible for the vacation. The anxiety of vacation planning has totally gone away by joining Exclusive Resorts.

Are you and the family more adventurous now?

I’m a creature of habit. If it’s something I like, I repeat it. Now, with The Club, I feel comfortable going to different places. I have zero concerns about the quality of the homes or service. Our tradition is no longer about going to the same place or doing the same things — it’s about being together. Our kids are super excited about each new place we visit. We’re more adventurous now, and that’s exciting. We’re going to Costa Rica soon for the first time and have recently been to the British Virgin Islands and Grand Cayman.

Key takeaways thus far?

The number of places you can choose from and there’s always consistency in what you’re experiencing. When you show up, you know you’re getting a nice property. But the services — pre-trip planning, grocery delivery, daily housekeeping, and a dedicated onsite concierge — are the things that make it feel like home right away. I love knowing there is always someone there if we want to plan a different activity or make a last-minute dinner reservation.

What’s on your bucket list?

There are so many incredible events — Formula 1 and The Masters are bucket-list trips for me. The experience collection was not a reason we joined — but is a big reason why we upgraded.

Next Club vacation?

Peninsula Papagayo in Costa Rica!