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Meet Our Members

Watch and listen as four Club Members share what it's like to travel with Exclusive Resorts.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a Member of Exclusive Resorts? We collected the most frequently asked questions regarding Membership and tapped four of our Members from across the U.S. about their favorite vacation experiences and why they decided to join The Club.

During this 45-minute webinar, you’ll hear from Bart W., Member since 2007; Lynne H., Member since 2008; Omar S., Member since 2018; and Joey W., Member since 2018. Collectively they have traveled to 62 extraordinary destinations worldwide, visited all seven continents, and used more than 1,400 vacation days.

Questions they answered included:

  • How they use The Club, including: who they travel with, how many days a year they travel and how booking works.
  • What their Vacation Ambassador does for them and how they utilize the in destination Concierge teams.
  • How they feel about traveling in today’s environment and what Exclusive Resorts is doing to ensure their privacy and safety.
  • Advice they would give someone who is exploring Membership opportunities.
  • The biggest surprise or unexpected memory they’ve had while traveling with The Club.

About Our Members

As a private vacation club, only Members have elite access to distinctive travel opportunities, travel insights from fellow esteemed Club Members, and hundreds of multi-million-dollar residences in coveted, worldwide destinations.

To maintain the quality of our Portfolio and ensure a superior Member experience, we maintain a sustainable model of growth, only inviting a select number of like-minded travelers to join The Club each year. Our approximately 4,000 Members are discerning and curious people who value excellence, creativity, and the comfort of certainty on each of their luxury vacations.

  • 50% own multiple residences
  • 50% are business owners or C-level executives
  • 20% are financial professionals
  • 60% have children 18 years old or younger
  • 20% are retired

Learn more about Membership, please contact a Membership Director by calling 844.541.2714 or emailing