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The Ranch Malibu debuts custom in-home health programs to up-level your well-being.

"I think we're at the brink of something," says Bridgette Becker, The Ranch Malibu’s Functional Nutritionist and Holistic Health Practitioner. “Health is everything and it’s all connected.” The idea of taking a full analysis of health and wellness has been the impetus behind brand new custom programming at The Ranch Malibu. Long known as the California-based pioneer in nutrition and fitness, Becker’s vision—imagined with co-owners Sue and Alex Glasscock— is anchored in two tailored and highly immersive health plans. “People want to return to The Ranch better than they came last time,” Becker explains. “They want to up-level their health and need support to do that—someone who’s going to give them all the hacks and micro-adjustments to take their health up a few levels.”

Bridgette Becker, The Ranch Malibu’s Functional Nutritionist and Holistic Health Practitioner
Nutrition anchors the Ranch’s custom health programs

So just what does that look like? Led by Becker, who offers more than 25 years of experience, The Ranch Integrative Health Plan and The Ranch 360 take a complete approach to health and healing. The two programs are designed to foster practices promoting physical and mental well-being while uncovering and addressing root causes of health concerns, rather than simply treating symptoms. Customized plans are designed for those who wish to discover the source of internal imbalances, treat chronic health concerns, or build upon previous Ranch results.

The Ranch Integrative Health Plan is a customized nutrition and lifestyle program with ongoing support, while The Ranch 360 takes an even deeper dive, featuring results-oriented diagnostic testing and integral biomarker analysis. During the 360 program, Becker helps clients establish baseline metrics via tests including a Gastro-Intestinal Microbial Assay, DUTCH Complete Hormone Panel, Heavy Metal and Mineral Analysis, Food Sensitivity, and Blood Panels.

“This program gives us the ability to take a wide-lens look at every single part of someone’s health, and then tailor a plan that’s going to be most effective—and with total honesty about what they’re willing to do,” Becker says. Tests can often uncover unknown imbalances at the root of persistent symptoms such as pain, weight management challenges, sleep issues, digestive problems, low energy, fatigue, mood fluctuations, and brain fog.

“Between these two programs, you’re going to be able to meet people wherever they are,” Becker adds. “Some just need a few adjustments, but with the lab testing we often find something may be going on that they’re unaware of, which can change their health.”

And while both plans include important one-on-one sessions with Becker, The Ranch 360 also includes six small group virtual sessions with fellow clients, fostering further accountability. “In group, someone will admit to eating Oreos,” Becker laughs. “But because they are strangers and may never cross paths, these virtual sessions create a container that’s safe for people to be intimate and vulnerable. It makes whatever I can do infinitely more effective.”

Becker’s ultimate goal—“to make the world a better place”—is one many of us think about, yet are shy to admit. Her grandfather was a surgeon; her grandmother fostered children on a family farm. Both mentors helped shape her passion and expertise, which she is paying forward.

"If you run into someone on the street, and you know them well enough, they’ll say ‘I’m so tired. Or stressed out. Or overwhelmed.’ We can feel 50 to 80 percent better by making changes that initially feel hard, but really are not once you habituate them. It’s looking at the body through a whole therapeutic lens. My hope is that a good thing to come out of the last year and a half is the realization that health is everything.”



PUMPKIN SEEDS: Super high in zinc.

ADZUKI BEANS: They are a resistant starch, high in fiber and B vitamins, and easy to digest.

BLUEBERRIES: Amazing antioxidants.

BROCCOLI SPROUTS: Supports sulforaphane production, good for detoxing the liver.

BOK CHOY: Great source of calcium.

FRESH HERBS: Like eating fresh medicine.