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Gray Malin

Photographer Gray Malin launches a new Aspen series, inspired by an era of vintage glam, while still keeping his eye on the next “it” destinations.

Gray Malin was fresh off the slopes when we met for Aprés Ski at Aspen's the little Nell Hotel.

The fine art photographer, New York Times best-selling author, and CEO of his namesake brand, Malin was quick to admit he has a serious crush on Aspen. Smitten by the town’s history, beauty, and penchant for glamorous play, he recently launched a new photography series titled “Gray Malin in Aspen,” the result of a week-long shoot depicting his interpretation of alpine society. His inspiration for the vintage vibe?

“My grandparents,” says Malin. “They led a very glamorous life and left nearly 20 photo albums. They traveled to 100 countries and I love looking through those albums. There’s something about that time period—the ‘60s and ‘70s—that makes me tick.” Here, we view some of the most exclusive vacation spots that just happen to top the list of many Exclusive Resorts Members, too. 

“I was intrigued by the shapes of the traditional Thai long tailed boats. All of the unique details and colors on each of the boats are spectacular, even from an aerial perspective.”
“Capturing this San Francisco landmark was a treat. I knew it would look incredible from an aerial view, and even from high above the scale and architecture of the structure would be impressive.”

All photos taken by Gray Malin || @graymalin