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Future-Proof Your Vacations

Find out why more affluent families are turning to Exclusive Resorts’ fixed pricing model to future-proof their vacations — ensuring predictability even in an unstable economy.

The desire to travel has never been greater — and neither has the cost. Post-pandemic, the pent-up demand for a much-needed vacation is undeniable, but travelers are feeling the squeeze of inflation every time they book a trip. Hotel rates and vacation rentals have ballooned by at least 30 percent over the last year, and skyrocketing interest rates paired with inflated real estate prices are creating major roadblocks to new second- and third-home ownership.

But even in a bear market, there are bull investments.* Affluent families looking to future-proof their vacations, are choosing Exclusive Resorts’ privatized and predictable membership model. Members pay a one-time initiation fee (starting at $195,000 for a 10-year plan) and then choose how many nights per year they’d like to travel with the Club. Unlike variable pricing of hotels and villa rentals, Members always pay one fixed rate, currently $1,690 per Plan Day — less susceptible to the whims of the market.**

“If you’re spending a week in Hawaii, just getting a suite for four guests during peak season is roughly what the Annual Dues are for Exclusive Resorts,” says Chris Jackson, who joined the Club in late 2021 and recently upgraded his membership from 15 to 30 days of travel per year.

Unsurprisingly, with today’s travelers looking for certainty — and value — in an increasingly unpredictable world, Exclusive Resorts’ fixed pricing model is more appealing than ever. The Club recently experienced one of its strongest years for new membership sales in over a decade, delivering more than 16,000 vacations, despite the pandemic and its associated challenges. Since 2002, its vacation portfolio has grown to more than 300-plus residences and 50-plus curated experiences spanning all seven continents. And unlike many other travel clubs, Exclusive Resorts has been calculated in its growth — welcoming just a few new families per year to their community of 4,300 members.

 “Our Members are smart and savvy — it’s not in their nature to settle. They want to feel in control and are intent on safeguarding their wealth for future generations, and that's why our approach to pricing has been decidedly different,” says James Henderson, Exclusive Resorts' CEO. “Because we own the majority of our core residence portfolio, the Club’s Annual Dues are less susceptible to the whims of an ever-changing market. Our pricing model is simple, predictable, and nearly four times less expensive than booking comparable luxury hotels and villa rentals. Some might say we’re the best kept secret in luxury travel. I like to think we’re the smartest way to travel well.”

Members are invited to relax and reconnect in the Club’s multi-bedroom residences, located in the world’s most sought-after resort communities and five-star hotels, from the Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla to the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman. While the public rates at these properties constantly change based on market fluctuation and holiday demand, the Club’s Annual Dues remain constant. Even travel planning and a dedicated concierge — as well as a host of other in-residence services — are included, with no security deposits or hidden fees.

As one of the largest owners and operators of luxury villas around the world, the Club is also an attractive alternative to vacation-home ownership, which today requires a significant upfront investment and pricey ongoing maintenance and service costs.

“So many of our new Members were about to purchase a second or third home but opted to join the Club instead,” says Rachel Reagan, SVP of Global Sales. “Simply put — we’re just a better solution for families who don’t want to travel to just one destination or deal with the daily hassles of running a second household."

For Member Tim Whelan, joining Exclusive Resorts was as much a promise to his family and himself as it was to his financial well-being. Over the last year, Whelan has traveled with his family of four to residences in Sea Island, Georgia, the Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla, and the Abaco Club in The Bahamas, all at the same fixed Annual Dues rate of $1,690/Plan Day.**

“Whatever the circumstances may be in the world, there’s one thing we know we can count on, and that’s that we are going to be able to go on that trip together,” Whelan says. “No matter what happens with the economy, no matter the dips or dives in the market, we know we’re going to get to have those once-in-a-lifetime vacations every year.” And that’s priceless.

*Club Membership does not provide or constitute any investment, equity or ownership interest, or any real property interest. **The Annual Dues amount reflected herein is inclusive of certain services, benefits, and access rights. See for more information.