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Experience the Eternal City: A Luxury Guide to Rome

Rome, the Eternal City, offers a blend of ancient history, vibrant culture, and modern luxury.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor, there's always something new and enchanting to discover. Here’s a curated guide to the best experiences Rome has to offer, regardless of when you visit.


Stroll the Blossoming Beauty of Rome's Borghese Gardens

Rome's Borghese Gardens are a serene oasis, perfect for a tranquil escape. In spring, the gardens come alive with vibrant flowers and lush greenery, making it an ideal time to stroll through its pathways. Ancient sculptures and fountains add a touch of history to the natural beauty, creating a picturesque setting for relaxation or a leisurely picnic.

Why we like it: Unlike the crowded tourist spots, the Borghese Gardens offer a peaceful retreat. The combination of art and nature makes it a unique destination for luxury travelers seeking tranquility.

Discover Rome's Artisanal Markets

Rome's markets are a treasure trove of artisanal goods, from handmade jewelry to leather products and gourmet treats. These markets are best enjoyed in the spring when the weather is mild, allowing you to comfortably explore and interact with local artisans.

Member Favorite | Mercato Testaccio: Situated in the Testaccio district, this market combines traditional charm with a modern twist. Alongside stalls selling fresh produce and local delicacies, you'll find contemporary artisans offering handmade jewelry, leather goods, and other crafts. The market's blend of old and new, set against the backdrop of Rome's historic Testaccio area, creates a chic yet authentic shopping experience.

An unmissable gastronomic hub and an ideal meeting point for all gourmets
Dedicate yourself to an afternoon of shopping and free time

Take a Scenic Stroll in the Appian Way Regional Park

The Appian Way Regional Park offers a picturesque escape from the bustling city. Autumn is the perfect time to explore this ancient Roman road, surrounded by historic ruins and beautiful landscapes.

Why we like it: Walking along the Appian Way is like stepping back in time. The park’s serene environment and historical significance make it a unique and enriching experience.

Discover the Beauty of Rome's Museums

Rome's museums are a treasure trove of art and history, perfect for a winter visit. From Caravaggio masterpieces to quirky gems like the Police Car Museum, there’s something to fascinate every visitor.

Member Favorite | Palazzo Doria Pamphilj: Located in the heart of Rome, this private gallery offers a more intimate look at art collections, featuring masterpieces by Titian, Velázquez, and Caravaggio. The luxurious decor and less crowded atmosphere make it an excellent choice for those seeking a refined and serene museum visit.


Savor the Summer Flavors of Rome with a Culinary Tour

Rome's culinary scene is a feast for the senses, especially during the summer. A guided food tour takes you through local trattorias and markets, where you can sample authentic Italian dishes, from fresh pasta to delicious gelato.

Member Favorite | Tastes & Traditions of Rome: Testaccio Food and Market Tour: This tour combines history with gastronomy, taking you to hidden gems around the city. You’ll start your day with a traditional Italian breakfast, explore local markets, and indulge in artisanal gelato. The blend of culinary delights and cultural insights offers a well-rounded and elegant experience.

Explore the authentic Testaccio neighborhood
Chat with the owner of a favorite neighborhood gelateria

Experience Rome's Nightlife on a Rooftop Terrace

Rome’s vibrant nightlife is best enjoyed from one of its many stylish rooftop bars. These terraces offer stunning views of the city skyline, perfect for a summer evening. Sip on expertly crafted cocktails as you watch the city come alive under the stars.

Member Favorite | Zuma Rome: Situated atop the Fendi building, Zuma offers a contemporary and trendy vibe. Known for its modern Japanese cuisine, the rooftop terrace is an ideal spot for enjoying a sunset cocktail or an after-dinner drink.

Immerse Yourself in Rome's Film Festival

Autumn in Rome is synonymous with the Rome International Film Festival. This prestigious event celebrates the art of cinema with screenings, workshops, and star-studded events, attracting filmmakers and celebrities from around the world.

Why we like it: The festival offers an opportunity to engage with the global film community and enjoy exclusive premieres and events. It’s a must-visit for film enthusiasts and those looking to experience Rome’s cultural scene.


Cielo Restaurant offers an exquisite dining experience with a menu that combines traditional Italian flavors with modern culinary techniques. The elegant ambiance and exceptional service make it a top choice for luxury travelers.

Roscioli is renowned for its gourmet delicatessen and restaurant, offering a selection of fine meats, cheeses, and wines. The intimate setting and delicious dishes make it a must-visit for food enthusiasts.

Located atop the Hassler Hotel, Imago offers panoramic views of Rome along with a Michelin-starred dining experience. The innovative menu and stunning vistas make it a standout choice.

Rocco Ristorante is known for its sophisticated atmosphere and gourmet Italian dishes. The restaurant’s attention to detail and dedication to excellence make it a favorite among discerning travelers.

Experience a Roman revival at Cielo
The enticing interior of Imago

Nestled atop Palazzo Manfredi, Aroma offers breathtaking views of the Colosseum alongside its Michelin-starred cuisine. The elegant dining room and innovative Italian dishes crafted by Chef Giuseppe Di Iorio provide a luxurious and unforgettable dining experience.

Situated within the Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Resort, La Pergola boasts three Michelin stars and an exquisite menu curated by Chef Heinz Beck. The refined ambiance, exceptional wine list, and stunning city views make it a premier destination for luxury travelers seeking an extraordinary culinary journey.

Located on Gianicolo Hill, Antico Arco combines modern Italian cuisine with a stylish and intimate setting. The restaurant's focus on high-quality ingredients and creative dishes, paired with an extensive wine list, ensures a memorable dining experience away from the tourist crowds.

With two Michelin stars, Il Pagliaccio is known for its sophisticated atmosphere and inventive cuisine. Chef Anthony Genovese blends Italian and Asian influences to create unique and refined dishes. The restaurant's attention to detail and exclusive ambiance make it a top choice for discerning diners.

In the heart of Trastevere, Glass Hostaria offers a chic and contemporary dining experience. Chef Cristina Bowerman's inventive menu and the sleek, modern design of the restaurant provide a refreshing and luxurious alternative to traditional Roman dining.


Irene Forte Spa

For those seeking relaxation, the Irene Forte Spa offers a range of luxurious treatments. Using natural ingredients and advanced techniques, the spa provides a rejuvenating experience.

Why we like it: The spa’s commitment to wellness and luxury ensures a holistic and indulgent experience, perfect for unwinding after a day of exploring.

Fuse the regenerative powers of nature and science
Revive your mind and body in this Roman spa

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