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Exclusive Resorts v. Hotels and Resorts

Our five-star accommodations and Concierge service go well beyond a hotel lobby.

We all love a good stay in a five-star resort or hotel. But hotel travel isn’t always the best or most convenient option, especially when vacationing with large groups of family and friends—being spread out amongst several different floors or areas of the hotel and shuffling from room to room to gather everyone for the day’s adventures, and no real central gathering place. Not to mention, hotel travel itself can get costly: from the additional taxes and fees tacked on, to the need for multiple hotel rooms, to expansive, but expensive, resort breakfasts.

When traveling with Exclusive Resorts, Club Members get the best of all worlds—spacious residences with room for the whole family (plus friends!), access to five-star resorts and all their amenities, predictable pricing, and personalized service. So there’s no need to give up poolside cocktails, fitness center access, kids’ clubs, and wellness spa retreats—Members of Exclusive Resorts get the best of all worlds.

Residences, Not Rooms

Club Members have access to over 300-plus full-service luxury residences across some of the world’s most memorable destinations, many located within private, gated communities. Each Club home is spacious, averaging 3,500 square feet, and equipped with everything Members need—whether they are staying in a luxurious suite in Paris or a four-bedroom residence in Beaver Creek—so families who travel together can enjoy their stay together.

With enough bedrooms and beds for everyone, there’s no need to cram the kids and parents alike into rooms with two double beds. Forget the days of sneaking around in headphones with a cocktail in the dark as the kids snooze away.

Club residences feature private amenities for personal use like infinity pools, hot tubs, and fire pits, shared only with those they’re traveling with; and The Club’s thorough and consistent cleaning standards ensure the highest levels of cleanliness and peace of mind wherever Members choose to go.

Resort Access

When you join The Club, there’s no need to choose between a resort or a spacious residence. With Members-only access to our private residences, often located at five-star hotels and resorts or built in private resort communities—including Montage Laguna Beach, Miraval Tucson Resort & Spa, Esperanza in Los Cabos, and The Cloister in Sea Island, GA, to name a few—Members have accommodations their dream vacation requires. Exclusive Resorts maintains flourishing relationships with more than 70 award-winning resorts.

Even though they’re staying in their own private vacation homes, Members can take advantage of upscale resort amenities including pools, kids’ clubs, spas, restaurants, fitness centers, and more, often just steps from their residence—but without having to traverse the hotel lobby each day or share an elevator with hundreds of hotel guests.

Predictable Pricing & Value

The benefits and conveniences of Club residences come without any frustrations of variable pricing and hidden fees such as WiFi and service charges often associated with hotels and traditional villa rentals. Our streamlined Membership plans are predictably priced, and you’ll never have to price shop or rearrange your travel dates to get the best deal. Because we don’t adhere to traditional peak season pricing, our Members often see significant financial savings while experiencing a higher and more personalized standard of all-inclusive service. Vacationing with us is easy and hassle-free—so the only surprises are a birthday cake or bottle of bubbly when we know there’s an occasion to celebrate.

Outstanding Service

Unlike hotels, a Club vacation includes:

  • Pre-trip planning alongside your personal Vacation Ambassador
  • A dedicated on-site, full-service Concierge who facilitates everything during your stay
  • Pre-arrival grocery shopping
  • Activity and restaurant reservations…

…and more, all at no additional charge.

Each Member has a dedicated Ambassador who gets to know your family deeply throughout the years—from where you like to travel to how you like your coffee. These bespoke details matter when planning a seamless and stress-free vacation your family will love. And, when on-site, your dedicated Exclusive Resorts Concierge helps to plan activities, secure hard-to-get restaurant reservations, and can even pre-stock your groceries. Instead of sharing your Concierge with hundreds of hotel guests, each Exclusive Concierge only oversees four residences (and the Members staying within them) at a time.

Service extends well beyond just pre- and on-site travel planning. You’ll also enjoy daily housekeeping, just like you would during a typical five-star hotel stay. Plus, Members have the added benefit of a completely contactless travel option using our app, which allows them to plan, chat, and make changes to their trip directly from their device so they feel safe and secure wherever they go.

No matter where Members choose to travel—be it a standalone luxury mountain home in Whistler or one of our residences at the Ritz-Carlton in Grand Cayman—we take care of every detail so they can focus on their loved ones. As a Club Member, you’ll feel like one of one—not one of many.

Learn more about The Club’s extensive Portfolio of 380+ residences across more than 75 global  destinations, where you can check-in to an address, not a room number.