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72 Hours in Barcelona

Spend a long weekend in Barcelona, a city that's bursting with vibrant culture, breathtaking architecture, and an infectious energy that's impossible to resist.

From the iconic Sagrada Familia and Park Güell to the historic Gothic Quarter and the stunning beaches along the coastline, Barcelona is a city that's steeped in history and brimming with beauty. Get lost in the winding streets of the Gothic Quarter, where you'll discover hidden gems at every turn, or marvel at the works of Gaudi, one of the city's most celebrated architects, whose influence can be seen throughout the city. Here is your itinerary for 72 hours in Barcelona.

Swoon to the Sounds of One of Spain’s Most Opulent Theaters 

The Palau de la Música Catalana has been Barcelona’s Art Nouveau music box for more than a century. Catch a performance — from flamenco to orchestra-accompanied film screenings — then dine at the glass-enclosed oyster bar.

Disappear into an Antonio Gaudí Masterpiece

The incomparable works of Spain’s most famous architect come alive in the spring, when the flowers bloom amid Park Güell’s vibrant mosaics and the sun sparkles through the Gothic spires of La Sagrada Familia.

Inside La Sagrada Familia
View from Park Güell

Fall Down the Gastronomía Rabbit Hole at Enigma

Chef Albert Adrià is a culinary legend, and Enigma is his over-the-top laboratory where diners sit down to 40 courses drawing from Japan, Brazil, and beyond in an otherworldly dining room. Sound outrageous? It is!

Summer Like Barcelona’s Locals on the Beaches of Sitges

Just 25 miles from the city, Sitges is a coastal treasure. Dine on Valencian-style paella at La Zorra, then stroll along the waterfront to Museo Cau Ferrat, home to works by Pablo Picasso and other Spanish greats.

Explore beaches along the Mediterranean Sea
Enjoy fresh seafood and delicious tapas

Retail Therapy Time in Barcelona’s Most Stylish District 

For of-the-moment local labels, hip and trendy El Born is the place to be. Visit La Comercial Concept for fashion, home, and beauty; Ivori for styles from up-and-coming Catalán designers; and Chandal for handmade gifts.

A Tapas Crawl for Every Taste

Tapas aren’t just snacks; they’re a national pastime. Try Barcelona’s best tortilla española at Cal Pep; pair steamed mussels with natural wine at Contracorrent Bar; and load up on croquettes and tortas at Bar Cañete.

Soak in Ancient History — Literally

Channel the ancient Romans who built Barcelona with a soak in the baths of AIRE, a secret spa hidden behind a pair of wooden doors in El Born. Treatments borrow from Greek, Moorish, and Roman healing practices.

Sip the World’s Best Cocktails at Paradiso

This speakeasy was named the world’s best in 2022 — but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find. Accessed through a freezer door in an El Born pastrami shop, the bar excels at creative mixology using unorthodox ingredients.

Take a mixology class at Paradiso
Dramatic, dimly lit offering imaginative cocktails & classic bar bites