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Exclusive Resorts Partners with Earth-Conscious, Beauty-Wellness Guru Mary Allan

The luxury vacation club drove more than $15 million to partners in 2021

The luxury vacation club drove more than $15 million to partners in 2021

Exclusive Resorts, a luxury vacation club with 400 residences and experiences in 75 destinations, is pleased to officially announce its partnership with earth-conscious, beauty-wellness guru Mary Allan, who travels the planet in search of botanicals that she uniquely ferments to unlock their hidden powers. Exclusive Resorts members enjoy a discount on all Mary Allan buzz-worthy, skin-care merchandise, a VIP gift with purchase, and a complimentary session with in-house estheticians.

“We are pleased that Mary Allan has joined Exclusive Resort’s highly curated portfolio of partners,” said Joey Whelan, senior vice president of marketing for Exclusive Resorts.  “Mary’s products are a wonderful addition to our other esteemed partners, from private-jet-travel providers, vineyards, luxury cars and boats to memberships in A&K’s Marco Polo Club and Avis’ Chairman's Club.”

In 2021, Exclusive Resorts members drove more than $15 million in revenue to its partners.

Mary applies the ancient practice of fermentation to plants to naturally harness and boost their unique benefits.  This process converts the healing ingredients from an inactive to a bio-active form that our skin can easily recognize.  Fermentation is one of the oldest technologies used by cultures throughout the world.

For example, Mary ferments pomegranate to help the enzymes and phytochemicals of the fruit become more readily available without the need for heat treatments or harsh chemicals, which generally denature active components.  Fermentation helps the soothing and calming properties of gold to become more bioavailable for skin delivery. 

Among Mary’s power plants for fermentation are:

  • Superfruit Acerola Cherries which contains a vitamin C content 65 times greater oranges
  • A free-floating algae called Spirulina platensis found in tropical and subtropical waters with high concentrations of protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals 
  • Blue Agave plant that can store water to help to attract and retain moisture
  • Papaya Fruit for its abundance of vitamins A, C, and E
  • Yeast fractions, which have been known to increase cellular respiration and metabolism, for skin firming properties

Mary has spent the past 10 years building relationships with farmers, green chemists and suppliers that invest in solar energy, water-saving harvesting techniques and organic, wild-crafted and pesticide-free growth.  Mary Allan uses over 350 ingredients that are sourced locally in California and through cooperatives and sustainable farms around the globe.  Formulations are made in small batches to ensure maximum freshness.  “We are proud of the ecological and cultural diversity of our ingredients, and we are inspired by the people who cultivate them, their lives and stories,” said Mary.

''I believe holistic beauty is conscious beauty, which one needs when traveling,” said Mary.  “Dehydrated, jet-lagged skin can benefit from rosewater infused with the soothing properties of sustainably sourced white lilies coupled with a heavier cream than you would normally wear to lock in the water,'' added the skin health expert, whose thoughtful collection of premium skin-care products are now available on goop, which curates the best in clean beauty.

An expert on skincare, Mary's career spans over two decades working for some of the most iconic brands in the beauty industry. After launching her namesake collection in 2018, Mary quickly gained a following among discerning customers who embrace her approach and philosophy.

Founded in 2002, Exclusive Resorts is a Members-only vacation club for discerning travelers, welcoming just 200 new families a year, who put a premium on privacy and peace of mind. Members can relax and reconnect in the Club’s 350+ residences in +75 of the world’s most coveted destinations – often located in private resorts or residential enclaves, and always away from the crowds. As one of the largest owners and operators of luxury villas around the world, we’ve forged strong relationships with world-class hotels, resorts, tour operators, and are backed by a first-class management team comprised of industry leaders like majority owner (and Exclusive Member) Steve Case, co-founder of Like any country club, Members pay a one-time initiation fee then choose how many nights per year they’d like to travel with the Club. Unlike variable rates of hotels and villa rentals, Members always pay a fixed Annual Dues amount, currently, $1,465/per Plan Day,* even during ski season, Thanksgiving, Spring Break, and Christmas. No security deposits. No hidden fees. Transforming how the well-traveled, travel well for nearly 20 years. For more information, visit, call 844.541.2714, or follow The Club on LinkedInFacebook, and Instagram.