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Commercial Operations Specialist

  • Department:
    Member Services
  • Status:
  • Reports to:
    VP, Membership Revenue & Inventory Optimization
  • Location:
    Denver, CO


This role will serve as the decision driver for everything related to the Club’s inventory and will be responsible for developing strategy to maximize availability for our members. While consistently reviewing our destination calendars, this person will work to streamline our systems to find greater efficiencies across maintenance blocks, our property release system, cancellation process, and wish list fulfillment. This will be a cross-functional role working with various departments in the company, providing opportunity to collaborate with multiple key stakeholders. This is a new position in the company, so we are looking for someone who is eager to take the lead in this important initiative and excited to put together and implement strategies to continually improve our availability for our members.


  • Responsible for leading all strategic initiatives focused on maximizing availability for Club members
  • In charge of developing and implementing process for ensuring inventory maintenance blocks are necessary, coded correctly, and released in a timely fashion if applicable
  • Create and facilitate process for monitoring discounts and refunds to Members
    - Make sure cancellation process is being upheld and Ambassadors are enforcing policy
  • Work with Operations to ensure Cancellation Wish List system is as efficient as possible, allowing enough time for members to be able to accept while preventing properties from being unoccupied at the last minute
  • Conduct and launch Residence Allocation System (property release process)
    - Build Residence Allocation System for new release/re-releases in SalesForce
    - Liaise with Engineering to ensure technology is ready on The Source
    - Liaise with Marketing to develop and send announcement to members as well as winner/non-winner emails
    - Ensure Ambassador Team is trained on all important dates/details
  • Liaise with Real Estate team to ensure measures have been taken to follow the terms of each lease
    - Review Lease Agreements to ensure Seasonal Closure and Expirations are entered and accurate
  • Serve as Owner of all administrative tools to manage inventory, inclusive of:
  • Support VP of Membership Revenue and Inventory Optimization in developing and executing initiatives related to streamlining how the Club allocates its inventory to the Membership
  • Monitor overage reports and work with Ambassadors to ensure membership usage is within guidelines
  • Liaise with Marketing to push availability/promotions to members
  • Work with Real Estate on the execution of annual disposition plan
  • Revamp and manage daily 30-day Inventory report/analysis
  • Prepare and deliver Weekly Available Inventory report in Monday company calls


  • Bachelor's degree from four-year college or university
  • Experience working with inventory optimization while understanding efficiency with asset management
  • Strong analytical and data manipulation skills with the ability to churn a lot of data in Excel
  • Self-starter with the ability to initiate the learning from various stakeholders in the organization
  • Strong negotiating and push back skills
  • A track record of a successful implementation of a process from start to finish
  • Previous leadership and/or management experience
  • Must be extremely comfortable with navigating multiple complex database management and administrative systems
  • Must have the ability to serve as a liaison between several departments, namely Member Services, Resort Operations, Engineering, Sales & Marketing
  • Must have the ability to serve as a liaison between upper management and employees
  • Must function in a multi-tasking environment with the ability to talk, analyze, problem-solve, navigate computer screens and deliver product/service information
  • Requires exceptional organizational skills and the ability to give strict attention to accuracy and detail
  • Must possess strong interpersonal skills and have a friendly and professional attitude and appearance
  • Must have the ability to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing as necessary
  • Intermediate to advanced MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is required. Experience with Outlook required
  • Must be friendly, gracious, informative and provide anticipatory service while achieving desired performance
  • Other duties may be assigned or changed at any time
  • Must be able to maintain a positive work environment