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Reimagining Success: Practices for Finding Meaning in Life and Work

An Exclusive Connections Conversation with Doug Holladay

Throughout his varied career, Doug Holladay has often found “successful” people feel empty and isolated, a surprising consequence of their achievements. Leaders today are looking for clues and proven practices which provide hope and a way forward, especially during this time of upheaval and disruption. Because of this, Holladay has made it his life mission to help leaders redefine success through developing a clear focus on meaning rather than financial metrics or other external markers of accomplishment. During this conversation, Holladay will outline a practical and more holistic approach to measuring success—by prioritizing meaning, authenticity, and connection—which are outlined in his book Rethinking Success, published by HarperCollins and launching in late April.

Holladay worked under James Baker at the White House and was later appointed by the President to serve as Special Ambassador to South Africa. Following public service, Doug moved to Manhattan and worked for Goldman, Sachs in the investment banking division. Currently, Holladay is the CEO of PathNorth, a non-profit he founded, which brings together senior executives so they can share candidly with peers and acquire skills needed to navigate our demanding times. PathNorth helps leaders identify practical approaches and fresh perspectives that better equip all of us to live more integrated and authentic lives.