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Above & Beyond: Our Concierge Team Highlights

Our 2021 Concierge Top Performers survey results are in! Read on for highlights on the best of the best.

It takes more than beautiful destinations and pristine accommodations to make a vacation truly unforgettable. Exclusive Resorts’ on-site Concierge teams handle the details of our Members’ vacations from pre-arrival to departure—from stocking the kitchen with groceries to handling activity bookings and securing hard-to-get restaurant reservations. 

But their service doesn’t end there. Concierges get to know Members like family, learning their preferences, likes, and dislikes. They surprise and delight at every turn. They work around the clock (including weekends and holidays) to provide assistance for everything from baby-proofing a villa to arranging a home doctor’s visit to setting up exercise equipment, delivering worry-free vacations our Members will never forget.  

Our 2021 Concierge Top Performers results are in! Read on for highlights on the best of the best.  


Concierges in Newport Beach, Real del Mar, Steamboat, Tahoe, and Costa Rica all received scores above 4.9 out of 5—and Belinda in Whistler took home the number one spot with a perfect score of 5 from her 2021 survey reports. 


Top performers for this category were calculated by averaging the satisfaction scores across residence, trip, housekeeping, and Concierge satisfaction. These top destinations received a score of 4.8: Real del Mar, Newport Beach, Tuscany, and the number one spot, Paradise Beach in Nevis


“The Concierges exceeded my expectations. They could not have been more wonderful. I left feeling like Jessica was family, and it was really hard to say goodbye to her. I already really miss her! She was right there with us, on our journeys and spiritual paths at Miraval. Jamee was so patient. No matter how many things we threw at her at once, she was patient and never got frustrated. She must have changed our schedules a million times, and always smiled and never minded. The Concierges were just incredible, hardworking, caring, wonderful people!” – Jennifer B., Guest of Members since 2008 

Elisa [in Costa Rica] was great!  She responded promptly to our (many) emails and texts, which we appreciated very much. She also arranged to have an amazing, ingeniously constructed baby gate put into the residence, which was so helpful. She went above and beyond in getting our three-year-old grandson crackers and Pedialyte when he had a stomach bug and couldn't keep anything down. She was always cheerful and eager to help and we all adore her! The people at this destination make it one of our favorites!” – Carol S., Club Member  

“I think we’ve been going to Telluride for over 12 years now and the one consistent thing there is Cody.  Great guy. Always helpful. It’s nice knowing he’s there every year. He’s not just a Concierge, he’s become a friend. It’s people like him that make Exclusive Resorts what they are for the Members.” – David O., Member since 2004 

“Joan, our Concierge [in Nevis], plus her staff went above and beyond taking care of us. She handled all our reservations and suggested some fun events...Bravo to the island and its beautiful people!” – Mimi H., Club Member 

David [in Real del Mar] was amazing. He was always available and helped us find great restaurants and things to do! He booked our return travel Covid tests and just went above and beyond. Excellent!” – Tracey H., Member since 2007  


Thank you, Concierge Teams, for your continued dedication to your Members and their memories.