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Elevating the Entrepreneurial Mindset in Medicine

An Exclusive Connections Conversation with Dr. Jordan Shlain and Steve Kirsch

Join us for a discussion with Dr. Jordan Shlain and Steve Kirsch about the innovations in modern medicine and current clinical trials for drugs being used to treat COVID-19. These two medical experts and changemakers will discuss their contributions to the frontline fight against the virus, insights into the future of medicine, and how they are making medicine personal.

About the Panelists

Dr. Jordan Shlain of Private Medical—an internal medicine, pediatric, and naturopathic practice focused on prevention—is reimagining a new model for the delivery of primary care based on compassion. By taking a concierge-like approach to healthcare, he focuses on the people rather than just the profits of modern medicine with a goal of removing the anxiety of doctor's visits and returning healthcare to its roots: true personal care.

Steve Kirsch, Exclusive Resorts Member since 2003, has been called the "Thomas Edison of Silicon Valley"—and for good reason. After being diagnosed with a life-threatening condition, the titan—who had contributed inventions to improve search, the mouse, web speed, and catching spam—believed his serial entrepreneurship genius would help produce a cure. Now he's turning his startup prowess to testing treatments for COVID-19.